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    ACE Ultimate Co.,Ltd.
    We are Ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer.
    We serve your ultimate desires.
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    Fully Automatic Computer Hard Disc Cleaner

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    Ultrasonic Cleaning
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    Ultrasonic cleaning machine

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    Breakthroughs in Technology 

    Surpass to Dream

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ACE Ultimate - Ultrasonic cleaning machine MFR

We are ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturer. our products made with advanced technologies, the high-quality electronic element and raw materials. At present, ACE has over 100 products, including various standard products, automatic cleaning line controlled with PLC, touch screen and computer. Ultrasonic cleaner series is its main product, including

  •  Single tank ultrasonic cleaning machine
  •  Immersion ultrasonic transducer plate
  •  Water based ultrasonic cleaning machine
  •  Ultrasonic solvent degreaser
121 Products
10 Applied Industry
10 Cleaning Features

Products Classification

  Water-based single sump ultrasonic cleaning machine

  • use the latest circuit technology.
  • special sweeping function
  • with auto-tuning and feedback device
  • come with different frequencies, range from 28 to 400 KHz

  Immersion ultrasonic transducer plate

  • use the lastest circuit technology
  • special sweeping function
  • radiation side with extra thickness and hard chromium plating
  • come with different frequencies, range form 28 to 400 KHz
  • can be installed in production line for operation, replacement and modification

  Industrial chemical

  • hydrocabon-besed washing solvent
  • water-based washing solvent
  • isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
  • rust preventive oils

  Custom made ultrasonic cleaning system

  • system can be designed and fabricated with different structure and function according to custom requirement.
  • we can professionally provide with the latest technology, process and equipment in cleaning